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Where Loved Ones Are Always Remembered

Too often the memories of individuals are lost only a generation after their passing.

The important events in their lives and the many friends and loved ones whose lives

they touched are simply forgotten with the passage of time. has established a place to preserve and honour your loved one's memory. An on-line Memorial not only displays a life story, but also a picture memorializing the way that we remember our loved one. Each Memorial also offers friends and family a place to come to, no matter where in the world we are. Our hope is to archive the Memorials here so that they will be accessible to future generations. Each page is respectfully and carefully designed to make your visit here a special experience.


Personal memorials/testimonials may be submitted by friends and family.

There is no limit to the length of your message but we ask that you try and keep it

brief so that others may submit their messages too. Messages will not be posted

immediately as we are sure that you understand that the content must first be

checked that it is suitable for inclusion.


We are currently experiencing issues with spammers accessing the tributes function.

This has been resolved now and some memorials have been disabled, we will be up and running for every memorial soon.

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